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Custom Design

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We are passionate about our custom design process because we can help custom create exactly what you are looking for, and we do it on site in our shop.  We have mapped out a six step process:

1. Send us pictures or sketches of designs you like.  You can up-load these to our website under the "Let's Talk" tab. Or set an appointment and we can work with our proto-types on site or our digital library we have built over many years of working with CAD software.

2. Schedule an appointment through the same tab and we can show you some renders of the CAD design along with estimates.

3. If you like the pictures, we can use our 3D printer to print the design in a green resin, so you can try on a model of the design.  We can then make changes before we cast.

4. Once you approve of the resin/wax printing, we can cast your piece in a number of noble metals- gold, platinum, palladium, silver or our proprietary "millennial silver" which is a blend of sterling silver mixed with palladium which has been annealed (hardened) in our shop.

5. We will then select and match diamonds- we can use your diamonds and gems or we can provide them.  We use perfectly cut Passion Fire Diamonds whenever possible.  

6. Once cast we will polish and set the diamonds in our showroom/jewelers shop on site.  


Custom ReDesign... Discover what is possible from what you already have

Create an heirloom piece from old jewelry you aren't wearing

We invite you to go through your  jewelry box and find things you aren't wearing so we can either credit you for a new design, or we can incorporate your things into a true heirloom piece you will want to wear every day.  Other jewelers won't know what to do with your gems, but we welcome the opportunity to create something with your diamonds and gemstones.  

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