Custom Process In Detail


Begining Ideas

Step One- Initial Concept 

Sometimes the idea is a sketch, or a picture from Pinterest or Google, and sometimes we work from our own Core Styles and make adjustments.  

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The Digital Model

Step 2

Once we create the digital model we will send you images or photo-realistic "renders" of the design from several angles.  You may make suggested changes based on these images, or you can approve the design and we can go to 3D printing and create a model in plastic that you can try on.  

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The Plastic Model

Step 3, 3D printing technology

Once you approve of the design through the images, we will print your design in plastic so you can try it on.  We use modern technology to produce a model or your idea at a fraction of the cost of casting in precious metals.  We have linked a dynamic CAD modeling system with rapid 3D printing to make steps 1-3 go much more quickly if needed.  

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