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Some of the world's best designs started on a napkin at a restaurant.


We are the private jeweler that comes to you, for your convenience.  We formerly had seven stores with clients dispersed all over the area.  Now we can continue to better serve all of our customers without the expensive brick and mortar locations.  We can focus on our private clients and bring 3D custom design to you.  We will be happy to make an appointment at a close Panera Bread, or similar venue, or come to your office to discuss various options.  Our 3D software travels well and can be demonstrated anywhere.  Of course, if you prefer to come to us, that's perfectly fine.  The mobile service is for your convenience, and one of the ways a personal, private jeweler can be a better fit for your needs.  We can show you ideas on the laptop, and then meet once we fine tune and 3D print the design so you can try it on.  No local jeweler has embraced this technology as we have.   

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david nygaard fine jewelers

754 First Colonial Road,

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone. 757-965-3337


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