Beginning Ideas

Step One

Initial Concept

Sometimes the idea is a sketch, or a picture from Pinterest or Google, and sometimes we work from our own Core Styles and make adjustments.

Step Two

The Digital Model

Once we create the digital model we will send you images or photo-realistic "renders" of the design from several angles. You may make suggested changes based on these images, or you can approve the design and we can go to 3D printing and create a model in plastic that you can try on.

The Plastic Model

Step Three

3D Printing

Once you approve of the design through the images, we will print your design in plastic so you can try it on. We use modern technology to produce a model or your idea at a fraction of the cost of casting in precious metals. We have linked a dynamic CAD modeling system with rapid 3D printing to make steps 1-3 go much more quickly if needed.

Step Four

Selecting The Center Gemstone Or Diamond

We have a variety of services to help you in selecting the center gem or diamond. If you have your own family diamond, we are happy to work with you on designing the setting and, as an accredited gem lab, providing the gemological reports you may need or want. We also provide a consultation service for $150 to assist you if you decide to purchase a diamond on line. We also have many diamonds in our own stock including our own perfectly cut passion fire diamonds.

We make sure we ethically source all our diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. For diamonds we offer Canadian sourced rough diamonds, made famous on the show Ice Road Truckers. These diamonds have Canadian paperwork identifying them as from Canadian Diamond mines. We also provide lab-created or synthetic diamonds which may provide “more bang for the buck” as they are about 20-30% more less expensive than mined diamonds.

We can also advise you and supply alternative gemstones if you prefer colored stones over diamonds. We have a large supply of various gems and can acquire whatever you need, and of course as experts, we can make sure the stones are appropriately identified. We have many US sourced gemstones as well as other options, and we can advise you of the best choices for durability. We can modify the design to accommodate the exact center diamond or gemstone you select. Sometimes, we may suggest changes in the design to make sure the center is more protected if the gemstone is more easily damaged. The point is we can design your ring around your center stone, because we make it all from scratch. We don’t have to shove a poorly fitted gem or center diamond into an already manufactured mounting.

Step Five

Casting and Polishing

Once the design and center stone are finalized we go to casting in a variety of noble metals. We have several options that help us stay within your desired budget. Our most popular metal is 14kt white gold. We also have an optional allow called X-1 which contains a slightly higher nickel content, but which does not require to be Rhodium plated. Gold’s natural color is yellow and over time it may require Rhodium plating (sometimes referred to as “dipping”) to retain a whiter bright finish. We also have introduced a blended metal we call Millennial Silver- a blend of sterling silver with palladium, and annealed at the bench to harden the final casting close to the hardness of 14kt. Normally Sterling Silver does not provide sufficient hardness to hold diamonds over time, but it is extremely white. The palladium added created the necessary strength. The Millennial Silver offers a much lower price option.

We have the ability to take your gold or other metals and can provide a credit toward the new ring, or we can refine the metals and re-alloy them into casting grain for the new ring. By refining and re-alloying, we can take 14kt yellow gold and create 10kt or 18kt white gold.

Setting the Masterpiece, you designed

Step Six

Final Result

The final step is the matching and setting of the side diamonds and center stone. We carefully and expertly select and match the side diamonds to your center to make sure they look like a unified whole. Once properly set, we test them for 48 hours to make sure they are secure. Then we apply a final polish for the ring before we deliver it to you in one of our special lighted boxes.

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