Get started for just $500


Custom Design

Get Started for just $500

We are passionate about our custom design process because we can help custom create exactly what you are looking for.  We have mapped out a six step process in detail (link insert):

Depending on the design, we begin the process with a $500 deposit which will cover creating an initial digital design, based on the parameters we discussed, and then printing that design in plastic so we can discuss any modifications we may need to make at the bench or to the digital model.  This deposit goes toward the total price we quoted for the ring.   We work on a pay as you go system, so that we only ask you to pay for the next step in production as we build your ring.  

Six Step Process in Detail

Custom Re-Design

Create an heirloom piece from old jewelry you aren't wearing

Sometimes you have jewelry you have inherited, or have a family diamond or diamonds you want to use in a new engagement ring.  We can use your gold and diamonds or gemstones to create a new contemporary piece and thus preserve the memories and history but also make it your style for future generations.  When my own mom passed away I took some things she always wore and re-designed them into something I would wear.  When I see the diamond, I always remember it was hers before me, and her grandmother's before being given to my mother.  As Master Gemologists with a fully accredited gem lab on premises, we can evaluate and work with your precious jewelry.  

If you have old gold, platinum, silver or palladium, we can either provide a credit toward your design or we can actually refine the old metal and re-alloy it for use in your new piece; yellow gold can be re-alloyed to become white gold and 14kt can be re-alloyed into 10kt or 18kt.   

We invite you to go through your  jewelry box and find things you aren't wearing so we can either credit you for a new design, or we can incorporate your things into a true heirloom piece you will want to wear every day.  Other jewelers won't know what to do with your gems, but we welcome the opportunity to create something with your diamonds and gemstones.  

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