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What's the big deal?

   Passion Fire Diamonds are the most perfectly cut diamonds available today, with the highest gemological standards,  and David Nygaard is the only jeweler who uses them in all sizes in his custom designs.  Most jewelers and designer brands use generic and average cut diamonds as accent diamonds, but David Nygaard surrounds his center diamonds with perfectly cut accent diamonds as well.  

Passion Fire is a perfect choice for a beautiful diamond of spectacular quality. You've spent your lifetime searching for your perfect soul mate — should your diamond be anything less? Other diamonds may be well-cut or even ideally-cut, but a Passion Fire diamond is always flawlessly cut, one at a time, every time. David Nygaard has searched the world because he has a passion for perfectly cut diamonds and gemstones. Passion Fire represents the finest diamonds available. He has personally inspected each one to make sure each one measures up to his rigorous standards.

If you view one through our unique FirescopeTM, you will be able to see what sets them apart from all other diamonds on earth. Once you have learned its secret, you will be able to recognize it from across a room, and so will everyone else! 

The art of cutting diamonds requires both technical skill and creative artistry. The Passionfire diamond was developed to create the perfect harmony of brilliance and brightness in a diamond. All Passion Fire diamonds are cut by master diamond cutters with hands as skilled as a brain surgeon. Less than 1 in 100,000 diamonds are cut to these standards. David has found diamonds cut as small as 1/400th of a carat.



Technically Superior

You can see the difference for yourself...

Diamond cutting has been the most elusive aspect yet the most important characteristic to understanding value in diamonds. By setting rigorous and objective cutting standards for each diamond, you no longer need to guess what your diamond will look like when you order it . Every diamond over 1/4ct is scanned with a Sarin Machine- a machine which uses a laser to accurately measure each of the 144 angles and 58 facets of a diamond. The measurements are then inputted into sophisticated software, to evaluate the proportions of the cut as well as the optical symmetry. The final aspect is polish, and each diamond is personally certified by a Master Gemologist Appraiser for exceptional polish at 100X magnification under a binocular microscope. The GIA Gem Trade Lab only uses ten times magnification.

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Brilliant from Edge to Edge

David Nygaard is the only designer to use Passion Fire Diamonds in his designs; even the small side diamonds are perfectly cut, and brilliant from edge to edge.  They have so little light leakage, they look up to 30% larger than regular diamonds.  The better the cut, the less color  and clarity matter.  The color will appear more white because of the superior polish, which means even J color diamonds will look white in the mountings.  The clarity will appear higher because the brilliance is evenly dispersed throughout the diamond.  If you are working within a budget, Passion Fire diamonds gives the freedom to consider other color and clarity grades without sacrificing beauty.  

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