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Our modern technology allows us to create designs that are within the budget and price range you set.  You'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is.  We use a combination of technology and just in time production techniques to be able to lower our costs of production.  These technologies didn't exist until recently, and we have pioneered and "beta-tested" the technology right in our studio.  Today, we can create and produce a better piece of jewelry for a lot lower price than we could 20 or 30 years ago.  In fact, it doesn't cost us any more to customize a design just for you, because we make each ring one at a time.  Mass production helped us save money decades ago, but we had to fund production of many different rings, in the hope of selling a couple.  Today we only produce what we have sold, so there is less waste, and less of a need to tie up capital in an inefficient system.  We have produced proto-type designs in costume jewelry so you can try various things on but we can produce the real ring when you are ready.  We can make slight or major changes in order to accommodate your budget and tastes.  


How can we do this?

We prvide alternatives

We can use alternative materials to accommodate almost any price range.  We can cast in a number of noble metals that didn't exist several years ago.  We have proprietary new materials which we can use to substitute for traditional metals, like 14kt or platinum.   We can also make slight adjustments to a design in order to fit it into the desired price range and budget.  Sometimes it means modifying a design by a millimeter or two.  Sometimes, it means reducing the number of diamonds from 10 to 8, for example.  Sometimes, we can reduce the size of the diamonds from 2 mm to 1.8 mm.  These are examples of changes which are not easily discernible but which combined can have a dramatic effect on the final price.  We can make these simple design changes without affecting the quality of the ring or workmanship.  

If you are concerned about the ethical sourcing of diamonds, we provide Lab-Created Diamonds, which can reduce the price as well as provide the assurance the diamond has been ethically and sustainably sourced.  We also provide alternatives to the center diamond, and can suggest and provide other gemstones such as Morganite, white sapphire or even moissanite.  

We've been doing this for 35 years, and we are experts at serving our client's important needs.  

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