Hand Crafted


Hand Crafted on site

by our expert goldsmiths and resident artisans. 

There are no shortages of jewelry stores in Hampton Roads, but there is a shortage of expert goldsmiths.  Our resident artisans work on-site manufacturing our designs, one at a time, just for you.  Other stores purchase brand names which are often mass produced in China or India.  We build each ring, one at a time, exactly the way you want it and we can add unique and subtle details to make your ring especially yours.  Sometimes it's as simple as adding your initials into the gallery, or perhaps incorporating a birth stone or a family gem into the design.  This means you can have exactly the ring or jewelry you want, and it will be much better crafted than the national brands.  It is like the difference between a McDonald's Happy Meal and an individually prepared entree at a 5 star restaurant.  

If you have any jewelry you are not wearing in your jewelry box, bring it in and we can use it in your custom design.  Sometimes these items have cherished memories, and we can incorporate them into something you will wear every day.  Sometimes, these are older items that have no sentimental value; in this case we can credit you for the gold.  We invite you to bring in your old jewelry for credit or for a custom re-design.  


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Suite 305,

Norfolk, VA 23510

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Indigo 19

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